CBIC Proxy Vote 2020

2020 Annual Meeting Proxy FormElection of 2020-2021 Officers & Directors
The undersigned member hereby appoints Adrian Felts, with full power of substitution, as proxy of the undersigned, to vote and act for the undersigned at the annual meeting of the members of CBIC to be held virtually, via Zoom, during CBIC's October 13, 2020 Tech on Tap Event/Annual Meeting, to commence at 5:30 PM, and at any adjournments thereof in respect of which the undersigned may be entitled to vote on the following matters:

(a)  the election of CBIC directors;
(b)  the election of CBIC officers;
(c)  any other matters that may properly come before the members for a vote at the aforementioned member meeting.

Chairman:  Craig Honick, Metro Tribal
Vice Chairman: Lily Garcia Walton, Teamed
Treasurer: Matt Dean, Hantzmon Wiebel
Secretary and General Counsel: Rahul Keshap, Shuru Law

Incumbent Directors (2-year term, expires 2021):

Craig Honick, Metro Tribal 
Jon Moriarty, Welld Health
Cameron Nelson, Omni Ventures
Hope McCutcheon, Cville Capital Partners
Justin Ritter, Ritter Law, PLLC
Heidi Tombs, Director of People Operations, Spire Collective
MJ Toms, University of Virginia, Batten Institute
George Turner, Ferendipidity
John Martin, JMPC
Rahul Keshap, Shuru Law
Incumbent Director (1-year term, expires 2021):
Adrian Felts, Signature Science, LLC (Chair Emeritus)

Renewing Directors (2-year term, expires 2022):

Jim Bain, Flying Dog Media
Kara Chandeysson, Ting
Stephanie Passman, Albemarle County Public Schools
Robert Stolle, Center for Innovative Technology
Lily Garcia Walton, Teamed
Kim Wilkens, Women in Tech

Slate of Proposed New Directors (2-year term, expires 2022):
Rob Archer, CSH Development
JT Newberry, Albemarle County Economic Development
Matt Shields, Charlottesville City Schools
David Deaton, Deaton Group
Matt Dean, Hantzmon Wiebel
Expiring Director (2-year term, expires 2020):

Chris Brubaker, Hantzmon Wiebel
Please submit this online form to Tracey Greene, CBIC Executive Director by checking the box below, and clicking the “submit” button below, no later than October 12, 2020.
I hereby appoint Adrian Felts as my proxy to act my behalf with respect to the above referenced matter.
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